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Areas Where Business Lawyers Can Help You

Very often, a company will only seek the services of a lawyer when it’s facing a serious legal problem. However, it’s possible for many legal issues to be avoided when you consult witha lawyerbefore moving forward with different aspects of a business. Speaking with a lawyer before a problem occurs is an effective way for a company to protect itself against potential legal issues. Read on to learn about some of the different areas where a business lawyer can help you.

Intellectual Property

Most companies have intangible assets that need to be legally protected with the help of business lawyers in Melbourne. Copyright, trademark registration and patents provide legal protection for things that provide a company with an advantage over its competition in the marketplace:

  • Copyright protection − Thiscan include everything from the brand of a business to its logo and name, as well as any distinctive services or goods.
  • Trademark registration – A company may require legal protection for specific products, designs, software and more.
  • Patents –A patent can be used to protect a process, such asa new method for refining petroleum or a new chemical mixture. 

Employment Agreements

Many companies realise that the knowledge of employees isone of its most valued assets. Unfortunately, too many of these businesses fail to protect themselves by not getting their employees to sign a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement. A normal part of doing business is having employees come and go, which is why it’s important for a company to protect itself from employees who leaves to ensure they don’t take trade secrets to the competition.

Corporate Governance

Most businesses know they will need the help of business lawyers in Melbourne for the process of incorporation. Too often, a new company will ignore the ongoing legal requirements necessary to maintain its corporate status. When a company is incorporated, the meetings of the partners, shareholders and director need to be carried out according to the law. If they’re not, then a company could be putting its corporate status in jeopardy. Should this happen, the corporation’s officers could be held personally liable for any legal actions taken against the company.

Unexpected Exits

It’s possible for a partner to leave a business due to illness or no longer wanting to be part of the company. Should a major shareholder or partner in the business decide to suddenly leave, this can have a very negative effect. For this reason, it’s important for every company to have a buy-back agreement or a buy-sell agreement in place. This will make it possible for major shareholders or partners in a business to minimise legal problems when selling their interest in a company and also avoid putting any undue financial burden on the business.

Taxes and Licenses

Business lawyers in Melbourne know what’s involved with registering a company for local and national tax. They can explain the legal consequences associated with not following tax requirements, including the specific types of transactions that occur with a business.