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Domestic Assault Lawyer Toronto and Spousal Charges

Are you charged with an offence of assaulting your spouse, or a close and intimate partner? Well, this is the right time to hire a knowledgeable and experienced domestic assault lawyer Toronto. Remember this is a very serious criminal offence in Toronto and if you don’t get the right domestic lawyer, you may risk some years in jail.

So in case you find yourself in this compromising situation, don’t worry. There are many skilled and knowledgeable domestic assault lawyers Toronto who will defend you with their profound knowledge on Toronto criminal law.

After Effects of Domestic Assaults 

Presently, you can find vast numbers of domestic violence cases all over the world. In order to punish the guilty, various domestic assault lawyers Toronto are available. You have to choose an experienced and professional domestic assault lawyer Toronto in order to handle your issues and get justice. If you are found guilty for any sort of domestic assault, you can have imprisonment, restitution, penalties, and probation counselling along with a criminal record. Having a criminal record may limit your work space and travelling areas. In most of the domestic violence cases, there exists no witness other than victim and accused.  Each and every domestic violence case is influenced by R v. W (D) [1991] 1 S.C.R. 742. The primary objective of the court must be to identify the guilt.

Steps to Identify Guilt

  1. When you accept the evidence of accused, then you will be acquitted.
  2. There are certain cases where you never accept the testimonies of the accused but, you are in doubt, in those cases also you will be acquitted.
  3. When you are not in doubt, but according to the evidence that you accept, you are considered to be convinced beyond the doubt by the evidence of guilt.

In most of the domestic violence cases, the Court prohibits the accused to have any contact with his family. The Court enforced various rules upon the accused. In such cases, accused family also want to communicate with him. At that time, it is the responsibility of the lawyer to assess his family wishes to communicate with the accused.  It is very complicated and hard decision to hire a lawyer, because there are huge numbers of options. You must have to be double sure before hiring any lawyer. You must go through his experience and past case records before taking any decision. There are different lawyers those charge very high fees, but they are not at all reliable.

Our legal firm have many skilled, educated and experienced domestic assault lawyers in Toronto. If you have any sort of domestic violence issues, we are here to help you with our unmatched services. We have been offering domestic assault services across Toronto for some years now and you can be assured we are the right deal.