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Trump and the US O1 Visa: Changes If Any

The O1 Visa is a very popular and sought after method of entry to and working in the US. Thus its entry is also commanded by certain very high standards and requirements which the candidate needs to meet. Another reason that the USCIS requires such high standards is because of the privileges that come attached to the O1 Visa.

H-1B Visa and its loopholes

Under the supervision of the Trump administration it was found that some employers tend to circumvent the rules and regulations of the H-1B visa by using third-party sites and other means to bring employees into USA. The main targeted sites were those outsourcing firms situated in other countries who were involved in body-shopping.

Sanction brought into force 

In order to ensure that only the highly skilled workers could immigrate to the US, the Trump administration along with USCIS:

  • Increased scrutiny of immigrant candidates across the board,
  • Made Immigration laws more stringent and stricter,
  • Instructed evaluating officers to treat Visa renewals as new petitions etc. 

Impact on O1 Visa 

The changes brought in the Visa approval and renewal process was widespread and also affected O1 Visa applicants. Thus eminent people from different field across the world who wanted to bring their expertise to the US and avail of its opportunities to enhance the quality of their work too found the whole O1 Visa application process difficult.

The O1 Visa came with the privilege of indefinite renewal which made it easy for eminent and extraordinary people to stay on permanently in the US by applying for the Green card. But with the stringent measures in place wherein every renewal for Visa was treated as a petition for a new O1 Visa, the petitioner has to prove his qualification for eminence over and over again.

While availing the services of the O1 Visa Lawyer is of great help here, but this sanction is definitely one which has proved to be of great disadvantage for people already residing in the US on the O1 Visa.