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Always Have A DWI Lawyer On Speed Dial

More often than not, people drink and drive. Of course, some people more than others but at least once in our lives, we were tempted to do the same. Not every time something terrible happened, but it’s enough just to be stopped by the police and they find out you’ve been under the influence while driving and you’ll end up in jail.

If you live in Rochester, NY, and something like this happens to you, it’s best if you have a lawyer on speed dial. Not from NYC or someplace else, but from your own city because you need them to be there as soon as possible.

Why is it important for your lawyer to be there on time?

When something unwanted happens, like having an accident while you were DWI or the police officer stopped you for a routine check, you need to know what to do. Of course, you can’t have the attorney with you in the car all the time, but you can call them right after you’re after you stop the car.

If they can get there in 20 minutes, you might still be in the place. If not, then they’ll visit you at the station. However, to get downtown and still be in the position to get a good case for your lawyer, you need to know how to act.

The most important things you need to know if you get caught driving intoxicated are what to do and what are your rights when you’re facing the officer. See more about this here.

First, you should know that you’re under no law obligated to get out of the car and do the alcohol test or anything else for that matter. The police officer has the right to ask you for your ID, social security number, and driving license. You’re obligated to provide them for the officer. Everything else can be kindly refused. Simply explain to the police officer that it’s your right not to do that.

Make sure you sound polite. Don’t be rude nor aggressive. The police might see that as a threat and arrest you. Instead, provide them with the documents they ask, and if they ask you to get you downtown, don’t resist the arrest. Go peacefully.

One of the most important things you need to know here is that you should stay silent and don’t answer to the many questions they’ll ask. They are only doing this to make you incriminate yourself. If you say some things that are not appropriate, they’ll be happy to write that in their report and you’ll face a much higher sentence and even jail. Read why it’s important not to end up in jail here:

If you’re not sure about what’s right or wrong, simply wait until you’re taken downtown and call your attorney. When they get to the place, you’ll be advised about what’s worth answering and what’s not. The law is on your side in this and you’re allowed to stay silent and be advised by the lawyer.

If you incriminate yourself, the lawyer will have a much harder time to build a strong case. If you keep quiet, you’ll have a much higher chance. On top of everything, if you get arrested and you have to do the alcohol test in the station, you have a much higher chance to lose some BAC points and go under the limit of .08. Actually, every point up can cost you jail time, so it’s great if you can lose some before doing the test.


All these things tell you exactly why it’s important to have a great lawyer who’ll be at the place of the situation. In fact, it’s best if you have one on speed dial because the faster the DWI attorney from Rochester NY get there, the more chances you’ll have in getting out from the police station intact.

As you can see, these things are highly important. Make sure you’re well prepared for this because getting into jail and spending some time there might make your life disastrous in the future. It’s hard getting a job when you have a criminal record, so be sure that you do everything in your power not to end up with a hard criminal record.