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Check These Quick Facts before Hiring A GMC Defence Solicitor

Doctors and healthcare professionals in the UK often have to deal with serious complications after a referral. In general, action will be initiated by healthcare regulators such as General Medical Council or GMC almost immediately. Following GMC proceedings, the concerned healthcare professional needs to take the right steps legally for appropriate representation. This is exactly the point when a reliable and experienced GMC defence solicitor or law firm must be consulted. Below are some of the aspects you need to know.

What can you expect?

GMC defence solicitors deal with varied allegations related to the healthcare sector, including medical malpractice, clinical negligence defence, fitness to practice hearings and MPTS appeals. Allegations against a doctor or a healthcare professional can be completely regulatory or criminal. Keep in mind that criminal offences are investigated by the police, lawyers take the necessary steps to reduce the hassles of their client before the process ends. In cases of financial or regulatory allegations that are to be investigated by NHS counter fraud or police, the approach is different. If you stand accused, consult a lawyer, who can probably offer better help and advice on things can go for or against you in the court.

Rule 4 letter and Rule 7 letter

Once the GMC has received a referral, they may send a Rule 4 letter, which basically mentions the general nature of the complaint or allegation. If you are the registrant, you will need to consider your next move, or if you have hired a lawyer, he may advise you against taking any step for the moment. Every case is different and must be handled accordingly. A Rule 7 letter is more serious in nature and is usually sent to the registrant when GMC has finished doing the investigation. Along with allegations and complaint, you will also get details of the evidence. It is extremely important to talk to an experienced lawyer about Rule 7 letter at the earliest, because you just have 28 days to respond, and that’s compulsory. You can get more information here.

Appealing against a tribunal decision

You will also need a lawyer in case you want to appeal against the tribunal decision. However, do note that such appeals are to be made within 28 days, and the whole process of approaching high court can be really expensive. It is always better to talk to your lawyer to get advice on further proceedings. If you get a positive response, you can approach some of the professional and trade organisations for additional financial support. In case you want to still move ahead with the overall process and don’t have funding choices, you may have a chance to claim from the insurance policies. Talk to the lawyer to get advice on the matter, and it can be funded privately, as well.

Please note that GMC defence solicitors in the UK charge differently for different services and consultation work, so consider the expenses before moving ahead. Before you hire a lawyer, do a background check, and don’t shy away from seeking client references, if required.