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Personal Injury

Four Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Injured at Work

Getting accidentally injured at work can cause an undesirable change in your life. If you cannot work while you recover from the injury, you will have to determine how to pay your medical bills and expenses every month. Filing for workers’ compensation can offer you some financial solution; however, such benefits won’t cover all the losses associated with your injury.

In case you get injured at work, you have to take some steps to protect your right to get financial compensation. You are probably entitled to more compensation than your workers’ comp. However, it is important to avoid the following mistakes:

Failing to Report the Accident to your Employer

Once you get injured while at work, make sure you report the incident to your boss. Apart from being a requirement when filing for workers ‘compensation, this can prove that you sustain the injury at work. Many injured employees think that reporting their injury could cost them their job. However, employers cannot terminate your employment as you filed for workers’ compensation. In case your employer tries to threaten you that you could lose your job, consult with your lawyer immediately.

Failing to Get Medical Treatment in a Timely Manner

After an injury, you must see a doctor right away to document your medical status. Don’t just depend on your employer’s medical advice. Get referrals from your family or friends to make sure you get treated by a doctor who has your best interest in mind. It will be difficult to prove your injury later on if there’s no evidence you sought medical treatment when the accident happened.

Returning to Work Too Soon

Although you may want to return to work as soon as you can, this could put your financial recovery in jeopardy. Make sure you follow the advice of your physician and consult with the
best personal injury lawyers Brisbane. Avoid returning to work before you are completely healed.

Failing to Call a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Your employer and their insurance provider are likely to assure you don’t need a lawyer to represent you in the case. However, there might questions about the case or the seriousness of your injury or how much your case is worth. With these, you will want to protect your interests by working with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Your lawyer will ensure your claim is filed right away and that you get maximum compensation as soon as possible.