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How the Criminal Justice System Works Against You

When you are arrested or become the subject of a criminal investigation, you’re in a precarious situation. Whether you are innocent or not, you need to be extremely careful with your next few moves. And the first of those moves, experts agree, should be to get a criminal defense attorney.

In Colorado and in the United States in general, explains a Denver criminal attorney, it’s absolutely imperative that you fight back against a criminal case only with the assistance of a trained criminal defense attorney. That’s because a criminal defense attorney will know how the criminal justice system works in your area, whether that’s Denver or anywhere else. The criminal justice system will often work against you, and you need an attorney to fight back. Here are a few ways in which the system is not on your side. These disadvantages make it clear that you need an attorney.

Investigators are allowed to lie to you

Have you heard that police have to tell the truth? Or that they have to identify themselves as police if asked? It’s not true. Despite popular belief, police can lie to you as much as they want, and they frequently will. That includes hiding their identities as undercover officers, misrepresenting the evidence against you in questioning, and more. Cops are allowed to do a lot, and they know exactly what they are allowed to do.

The lies start early. Police may tell you that you’re not a suspect or under investigation, even though you are (or could become that way in time, which the police know full well). They could include lies about what others have told them. Don’t let these tactics persuade you to say something incriminating.

In fact, as we’ll explain in our next section, you shouldn’t let anything persuade you to say anything at all.

Your statements will incriminate you, not exonerate you.

Do you think it will help to explain yourself to the police? Think again, experts say. The police are not your friends when you’re under investigation, and they’re highly trained to draw out comments from you that will incriminate you or limit your legal options later on in court.

What’s the best course of action? Don’t talk to the police at all. Instead, insist on speaking to your attorney. Your lawyer will help you decide whether to tell the police anything at all before you see them in court.

If you follow our advice — and it’s not just our advice — your lawyer will be very happy with you. If you don’t, your attorney could have quite a mess to clean up on your behalf, and your odds of beating your case could drop significantly.

The police have expertise in the criminal justice system. You don’t.

When you’re involved in any kind of criminal investigation, arrest, or criminal case, you find yourself plunged into the complex world of our criminal justice system. National laws, local Colorado laws, local police procedures, and even local personalities will come into play. And no matter how many crime shows you’ve seen on TV, you’re not going to understand everything that’s going on. (By the way, those crime shows aren’t even that accurate, anyway.)

The police, investigators, and prosecutors, on the other hand, will understand the situation fully. They work in this area every single day, so they’re on their home turf. You need someone like that on your side. You need a criminal defense attorney.

Protect your rights by turning to an attorney

The criminal justice system is designed to bring people to justice, but it often works against the accused or suspected — whether they are truly guilty of anything or not. To protect your rights, you should be sure to work with a trusted attorney who specializes in criminal defense.