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How to stay protected from the domestic assault charges against you?

Have you been charged with serious domestic assault? Then, without any further delay talk to a reputed Andrew H. Heft family lawyer for defending the accused of similar cases. Being charged with a domestic assault is traumatic and painful. You may not know the exact steps to follow without any professional help.

Domestic Assault and the Criminal Code of Canada

 Section 265 (1) of the Criminal Code off Canada defines domestic assault by saying that if a person is intentionally forced without his/her consent, directly or indirectly should be accused of the assault. Along with that it is also mentioned if the person is carrying or wearing a weapon and threatening someone forcefully, this is a gesture of assault.

Both the Crown and the Criminal Code of Canada find the charges of domestic violence and assault a serious crimes and the Public prosecutor leaves no stone unturned to prove the accused a convict of the charges by showing proper evidence and with the bondages law. This is the biggest challenge for the lawyers to face the Crown and present the words in favour of you to prove the evidence wrong and by producing the evidence that the lawyer has collected in favour of you.

Getting bail is difficult

Only the expert lawyers can fight for you to get the bail. Often, in the case of domestic assault, obtaining the bail is very difficult if there are ample data to prove you guilty. In many cases, the terms and conditions are changed where the accused is kept abstain from meeting the family members and especially the minor kids.

The efficiency of the lawyer

How tough your case can be, the lawyer will always stand by your side by guiding you thoroughly across the judiciary system. Starting from pleading for the bail to appearing in the courtroom, the lawyer will represent you with the best homework possible. Personally, the lawyer visits the crime spot to collect evidence and to restructure the crime scene.

During this process, he/she get a vision of what had happened on the day of crime by checking and crosschecking things and references. They also talk to the eyewitness and convince the person to appear in the court to prove the charges absolutely baseless. But for that, the lawyer must have that skill and enthusiasm to help you win the case.

So, protect yourself from the mental and physical tortures by your spouse or any family member with proper legal support.