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Quick Ways of Identifying Rogue Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne

It is quite challenging to undergo a divorce in the modern society without the help of capable divorce lawyers in Melbourne. However, most clients fail to realize that choosing one of the best divorce attorneys around Melbourne is the first step towards having the best representation of their interests. Thus, it is always advisable to interview several attorneys before determining the best fit. Also, the interviews should be conducted irrespective of the time spent researching and inquiring from friends and the internet about the qualities and competencies of the potential lawyers. The bottom-line is to hire an attorney who does not focus on his personal interests but those of the client. However, it is possible to make mistakes during the hiring process considering the emotional stress that accompanies most divorce cases. Today, divorce procedures have become complicated because of aspects such as division of property and establishing the primary custodian of the children if any. Additionally, parents have to ensure that their children are well taken care of even after the completion of marriage dissolution.

After hiring one of the divorce advocates in Melbourne, it is possible to tell whether they are doing a great job or not. Here are the tell-tale signs that one must look out for:

  • The absence of a retainer agreement: It is crucial to avoid divorce barristers neaby Melbourne who are not keen on having new clients sign a retainer agreement. It is worth noting that clients possess various rights when getting represented and ordinarily, these rights can be found in the retainer agreement. The agreement also provides a breakdown of the attorney’s charges as well as the required payment that the attorney requires before they can begin working on the Case. The retainer agreement also contains a list of services offered by the attorney such as the court appearances. The retainer agreement is an important document, and it is advisable to sign it instead of agreeing verbally to everything that the attorney suggests. Signing the document also helps in resolving a dispute between a client and an attorney in the course of the case.
  • Lousy annulment lawyers within Melbourne always push for litigation: For instance, if you are almost settling your divorce and the attorney prefers to argue the case in court, then you have a severe Even though it is the lawyer’s responsibility to advocate for a client’s best interests, they should never compel you to use litigation as the only means of settling the Case. Additionally, the process of presenting facts before a judge, interrogating your partner and convincing the jury can be both time consuming and costly. Interestingly, divorce counselors in Melbourne can spend a couple of months preparing for trial, and this translates to more legal fees. Some attorneys prefer to use litigation in a bid to make more money; it is, therefore, vital to avoid such lawyers.


Other signs of bad divorce lawyers are those who fail to specialize in one area of the criminal solicitor in Melbourne, lack adequate time with their clients and charge unreasonable legal fees.