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Specialist Lawyer and General Lawyer: The main differences

When it is said that the profession of the lawyer is adapting to the change of times is not exaggerated. The reason is easy to understand, just look around. What is the first thing a lawyer need? The clients, right now there are so many lawyers, and the number is destined to grow considerably in the coming years.

The General Lawyer Figure in Danger of Extinction?

Enter a law firm, smell the scent of leather-bound books, the dim light, a calm and soothing voice that makes you feel comfortable, and you think you’ll solve all your problems soon. The lawyer, the untried, rigorous and reassuring one, always had the good word you were waiting for, the hope of getting out of trouble or finding the cheapest solution. He always knows everything, knows an immeasurable number of laws and could repeat them by heart.

Divorce, custody of children, immigration, finance, the lawyer could help you with everything. You exposed the problem, and he had the solution. Today, however, it seems that this figure is destined to be more and more often replaced with that of a specialist lawyer.

Who is the Specialized Lawyer?

Exactly as it happens in medicine, where we find the figure of the specialist, even in jurisprudence today, we have this distinction. It was necessary, it was the inevitable evolution of the profession that is more and more oriented according to the available technologies, for example, today all the professionals have a law firm software, they use the cloud for the sharing of documents with customers and colleagues at a distance, and adapt to the new realities that are developing.

Benefits for Customers

Certainly, we can talk about benefits for customers who, as well as in medicine, can resort to a lawyer specializing in that specific field of expertise that meets the needs of the customer. Especially, when it comes to immigration law, it is more important to be counselled by a specialist lawyer. Immigrants in Canada are recommended to go for a top-rated Canadian immigration lawyer in Toronto.

If one needs a lawyer specializing in over-indebtedness crisis law, he will have to contact that particular professional.

But the benefits are not just for customers; lawyers will also have a greater chance to stand out among themselves and work in a particular sector, decreasing competition, at least in certain areas.

The specialization, in this sense, is seen as a positive thing, provided that a good lawyer, generalist or specialist, is determined by how it arises and how it performs its work, its availability and its ability to manage its commitments dedicating its customers the right attention and the right amount of time.