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Take Your Stand Against Employment Discrimination: Seek Legal Help!

Despite knowing about state and federal laws that protect employees against employment discrimination, most people facing such situations fail to take action. Challenging your employer isn’t the easiest task, and your employer wouldn’t be foolish to discriminate openly. Pursuing justice is not just about seeking compensation, but also to set a benchmark, so that people employees don’t suffer a similar fate. From employee misclassification to discrimination related to gender, age, origin and background, cases can differ, but seeking legal help is important for each.

Common cases of employment discrimination

One of the more citable cases of employment discrimination is wrongful termination. There are many situations, where firing an employee is wrong, and if you have been served a notice for termination, you can consider filing a case. Sexual harassment is another common form of employment discrimination, and it can take varied forms and can occur to any gender. Even if you are not feeling safe, comfortable at work, it can tantamount to discrimination.

Any form of discrimination at workplace based on religion, race, age, gender, and sexual orientation is equally serious. Also, if you are facing discrimination because of whistleblower retaliation, you have the right to take the case against your employer. The False Claims Act is important for such cases. There can be other kinds of cases related to inappropriate work environment, severance, and wages, and every case has to be evaluated on its own merit.

Tips to find a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer for employment discrimination cases is an absolute necessity. You want an experienced lawyer, who can handle the case and offer an impartial view of the possible outcomes. We strongly recommend that you check for lawyers, who handle such cases in particular, and check the number and range of employment discrimination cases they have handled so far. They must be well-versed with the possible situations and must be ready to take the case to trial, if need be. As a new client, you can ask for references, as well.

Discussing the possible outcomes

Before you go ahead and decide on trial, make sure that you have discussed all scenarios with your lawyer. Fighting an employment discrimination case can involve legal and other expenses, and at times, it is better to settle the matter instead of going to court. Allow your lawyer to explain everything, so that you can take a more informed decision.

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