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The Consequences of Leaving Your Kids in the Car

Surprisingly, only 19 states across the country have laws that specifically make it illegal to leave your child in a car unattended, even though it could lead to serious injuries or even death. But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t get charged in these other states.

Arizona is one of the hottest places in the country and it actually doesn’t have a specific law stating that it is illegal to leave your child in a car unattended. And in fact, Arizona sees a handful of these cases every single year. Unfortunately, due to the extreme heat the state sees in the summer, many of these cases have led to death.

When a child is left in a car and a serious injury or death is the result, it depends on all of the circumstances, but it could result in a class 6 felony charge at minimum. You could also be charged with child abuse Scottsdale or criminal negligence. Often times when a death occurs from this, it results in a class 4 felony if the danger is clear, but the person didn’t realize it was actually negligence. If it has been proven that the person recognizes that danger is present and is reckless by not caring, they could face a class 3 felony. And of course, if it was intentional, an even heavier charge of a class 2 felony is likely. Keep in mind that in the state of Arizona, a class 6 felony is usually a minimum of 1 year in jail. And each felony harsher than that increases the minimum jail time. If charged with a class 2 felony, you could face 5 years incarcerated.

Leaving your child in the car is nothing to mess around with. Not only will you be harming a child, but you will also be paying fines and the severe consequences, even if your state doesn’t have specific laws regarding leaving children unattended in the car. It is important to always look before you lock and never put a child in danger by leaving them unattended in a car.