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Tips for Finding a Professional Conveyancing Solicitor

The moment you’ve agreed on a price and you’re ready to purchase your new home, you’ll need to contact a conveyancing solicitor to finalise the transfer of property into your name. The process of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer is known as conveyancing. You can use two different representatives during this process, a solicitor or a conveyancer.

Solicitor or Conveyancer

There isn’t much difference between an experienced housing solicitor and a conveyancer, both professions are fully registered by the correct authorities in the UK. They can both oversee the transfer of ownership from one individual to another. It is important to note that when hiring a solicitor, you must find a professional who specialises in conveyancing. Solicitors study a range of different subjects and not all of them would have enough knowledge of conveyancing to properly assist in your request.

When to Choose a Solicitor Over a Conveyancer

There are certain times when it would be more beneficial to hire a solicitor rather than a conveyancer. Sometimes during conveyancing, you’ll encounter complex situations that require a professional solicitor who knows more about the law than just conveyancing practices. The transfer process may experience discrepancies over areas such as boundaries points or disputed claims, in these circumstances you’ll require someone with a bit more knowledge of the law.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Solicitor

Friend, Family & Colleagues

The easiest way to find a competent, first-class conveyancing solicitor is to speak to friends, family or work colleagues. If they’ve recently used a company who specialise in house conveyancing in North East England, inquire about their experience. If they tell you the firm handled the process with the utmost professionalism, get their details and contact the organisation for yourself. A family member or friend will always give you excellent advice, they’ve no connection to any firm, so you can rely on their recommendations.

Estate Agents

Estate agents and solicitors work in the same industry in terms of property, so when you’ve finalised a deal on your new home, why not ask the realtor whether they can recommend a competent solicitor to take care of the conveyancing process. Estate agents work closely with property solicitor, so they should have several contacts that their clients can call when they require expert assistance.

Visit a Local Solicitors Office

One way of finding a reputable conveyancing solicitor is to visit a local firm and inquire about their services. If they specialise in housing and property, they’ll be able to assist you with the process of transferring ownership. Speak to a company representative and assess their knowledge on the subject, if they know what they are talking about, the next step would be to ask for references and research them online.

If you’ve recently purchased a new property, you’ll require the services of a professional solicitor to help with the process of transferring ownership from the buyers to yourself. It is important to find an individual who specialises in this particular field, not just a general solicitor. They won’t hold the relevant experience or knowledge of conveyancing.