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Understanding Separation in the Best Manner Now

There are in the family life situation of joy and grief. And there are also catastrophes, when with such difficulty and by grain the created family breaks up into small pieces. Previously, loving each other spouses on different sides of the barricades and begin a divorce process, coupled with the shared common property of the spouses. And then simply do not do without elementary legal knowledge about it. Some try to divide the property themselves, others simply do not want to divide anything and sometimes go to an offense for the sake of this property, while others go to a dead end and go to court.

The Results Now

All this is the result of a lack of faith in the law or unwillingness to take dirty linen out of the hut and seek legal help from lawyers. Nevertheless, problems remain problems and they must be solved. In this article we will give the main legal concepts and concrete ways of finding the exits from the seemingly deadlock situation in the division of property of former spouses. Now you discover the new realms of Separation Agreement now.

What to divide in a divorce?

The main legal concepts of joint property of spouses are laid down in Chapter 7 of the Family Code of the RF (Article 33-39 of the Criminal Code). The property (common property of the spouses) includes the income of each of the spouses:

From labor, business and intellectual activity, pensions, allowances received by the spouses, as well as other monetary payments that do not have a special purpose. You need to have the entire process done in Power of Attorney Form.

Movable and immovable things acquired at the expense of the total income of the spouses.

Securities, shares, deposits, stakes in equity entered in credit institutions any other property of the property, regardless of the name of which of the spouses it was acquired either in the name of whom or by that of the spouses money was contributed. It should not be forgotten, however, that the spouses also have the right to the common property of spouses, who during the marriage carried out housekeeping, childcare or for other valid reasons did not have an independent income.

  • To dissolve the marriage itself, as such, is recommended separately, without being associated at the same time with a longer process of dividing the property of the former spouses

Typically, the main property in the division is: apartment, car, capital garage, and land with buildings (in other words, summer residence”), large deposits in the savings bank, business spouse or significant movable things. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the most significant and most valuable property in its division, without going down to the section of small household appliances, underwear and cutlery. The use of the Legal Forms happens to be essential here.

And this is especially true of men, do not take it easy! To part, as well as to create a family is always beautiful and worthy. This you only save your face in front of your “former” and of course primarily in front of your children.