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What is Burn Compensation? All You Need to Know

While most of us will have suffered a minor burn at some time or another, maybe while simply cooking or baking in the kitchen, serious burn injuries are a whole different matter.

The victims of serious burn injuries can suffer from constant pain and even disfigurement. Sometimes the damage is permanent leaving scars and limited movement of the muscles, ligaments, and skin. The recovery can be long and painful and have mental and emotional repercussions without counting the enormous expenses that specialised treatments can require.

Causes of burn injuries

Serious burns often occur in the workplace. Burn injuries are caused by different accidents and situations such as fire, intense steam or hot liquid, but can also be caused by burns due to excessive radiation, chemical reactions or contact with industrial or domestic materials, burns by inhalation of hot air or gases or toxic vapors such as carbon monoxide, or burns from contact with electrical sources.

But, in the UK, one of the most common cases in which burn compensation is sought is following a badly implemented laser hair removal treatment which results in the client suffering laser hair removal burns, which can be excruciatingly painful, and in some cases result in permanent scarring also.

Compensation for burn injuries is calculated on the extent and severity of the burn injury suffered.

Burns are typically classified according to four types:

  • First degree: these are the least serious. These are like sunburn or touching a hot pot momentarily during cooking; these types of burns usually affect the surface skin layer.
  • Second-degree: these are more serious; they are burns caused by boiling water, hot liquids, small explosions or even car fires; they can affect large areas of the skin.
  • Third-degree: these are extremely serious and can occur in construction accidents and vehicle fires, as well as chemical, oil and gas fires.
  • Fourth degree: these are the most serious and usually fatal. They are the result of large fires in buildings or an electrocution due to contact with a high voltage power line.

In most cases, accidents resulting in burn injuries are caused by someone who did not do their job or did not follow the proper procedures correctly, and the burn could have been prevented if they had done so.

When that happens, the burn victim must be compensated for damages. If the victim dies as a result of their injuries, their relatives must obtain compensation for the loss of their loved one, lost wages as well as other expenses that they may have incurred as a result of the incident.

If you are ever the victim of a burn injury, whether caused by a fire or a failed beauty treatment, or another cause, and it was not your fault, it is essential to seek expert legal help with experience in burn compensation cases, to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.